Feed your passion

Let the goddess of love and desire feed your passion and enjoy a fresh intense sensation with a floral touch.



Mint*, fennel*, rosemary*, cinnamon* and rose petals*.


* Ingredients from organic farming


Keep the product in a cool and dry place.
Do not expose the product to direct light.
In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before consumption.

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Aphrodite was in Greek mythology the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Although in modern culture she is referred to as the goddess of love, formerly she did not refer to love in a romantic sense but in an erotic sense. Her attributes are roses, shell, apple and dove.

Preparation method

Properties of plants

Mint: plant native to central and southern Europe from which the leaves and floral parts of the stem are used. When taken, a good remedy for digestive system problems. Externally it is used to gargle, for inhalations, and has antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral and anesthetic properties. It is not toxic but the essential oil in high amounts can have side effects such as itching of the mucous membranes.

Fennel: plant native to the Mediterranean basin. Fruits, roots and leaves are used. Internally it has a carminative effect, relieves intestinal pain and is used in different gastric problems. It also stimulates the secretion of milk in nursing mothers, it is a good expectorant indicated for the treatment of chronic cough has diuretic properties and its fruits and essential oil are antispasmodic. Externally, the leaves stimulate gastric motility and are used for eye washing. It should be kept in mind that the essential oil is partly toxic and the quantity must be controlled.

Rosemary: plant from dry areas of the Mediterranean, from which the leaves, flower heads and sometimes roots are used. It is used to tone up the blood circulation and nervous system, it is a good liver remedy and also to stimulate menstruation. The essential oil is antiseptic, stimulates circulation and healing, although it can cause gastritis and irritation.

Cinnamon: plant of humid climates and tropical areas, which mainly uses the bark. It is used to mitigate intestinal and stomach problems, but it also has a vasoconstrictor action that makes it suitable for gynecology treatments. Externally, it is also antiseptic and antifungal externally. Be careful because in high doses it can cause drowsiness, sadness, increases the heart and respiratory rate among others.

Rosa: planta molt estesa de la que s’utilitzen els pètals, dels quals se n’extreu l’hidrolat o aigua de roses, l’oli essencial i els extractes. Per via externa es pot utilitzar per fer gàrgares, com a loció o com a col·lutoris i col·liris. També millor l’aspecte i el sabor de altres infusions i és molt utilitzada en cosmètica. No presenta toxicitat ni efectes secundaris.

*Informació extreta de la “Enciclopedia de fitoterapia y plantas medicinales” del Dr. Josep Lluís Berdonces