Feel the depth of the night

Let yourself drift away into the depths of dreams with a relaxing scents by the goddess of the night.

Mix of plants that have traditionally been attributed a relaxing and conciliatory effect of sleep:
Lemon balm*, Lemon verbena*, lavender*, hop*, lime flower*, orange blossom* and passion flower*.

* Ingredients from organic farming

Keep the product in a cool and dry place.
Do not expose the product to direct light.
In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before consumption.


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Nyx is the primordial goddess of the night. Daughter of Chaos, along with his brother Erebus (the darkness), with whom he engendered Ether (the sky and the air) and Hemera (the day). It was considered the most powerful deity of Olympus, although it did not have a very relevant role in worship practices. She is depicted as a woman dressed in a black cloak covered with stars, which travels the sky along with her children Hypnos (the dream) and Thanatos (non-violent death).

Preparation method

Properties of plants

Lemon balm: plant from central and northern Europe, from which the fresh or dried leaves and the ends of the stems are used. It can be taken as an infusion or as an essential oil. It has properties on the digestive system, helping digestion and decreasing the formation of gases in the digestive tract. It is also a good antispasmodic and sedative, recommended for cases of nausea, during pregnancy, in case of insomnia, palpitations or pain with nervous component. It is also a good anti-inflammatory of the digestive mucous membranes and lungs and regulates menstrual function. The essential oil is also a good analgesic and is used in cases of herpes and migraine

Lemon verbena: plant native to South America from which the leaves are used. It has stomachic properties, promotes digestion, is a cough sedative, expectorant and spasmodic, and helps to decrease the fever. It is also used to aromatize many infusions and is widely used in perfumery, thanks to the richness and aroma of its essential oil.

Lavender: plant from Europe, from which flowers are used. Internally it has digestive, helping digestion, and antispasmodic properties. It is a good sedative of the nervous system, useful for migraines, headaches and palpitations due to nervousness. Externally, the essential oil is antiseptic and contributes to wound healing, used in dermatology to disinfect wounds and sores. It is also a good anti-inflammatory, so it is effective for bruises, riots and rheumatic pain.

Hop: plant native to all of Europe from which strobilus or false fruits are used. It can be taken as an infusion or powder. It is a sedative and hypnotic plant, so it is indicated in cases of insomnia, hyperactivity, anxiety, irritation, fatigue or stress. It is also useful against headaches or migraines and promotes digestion. In gynaecology it is recommended to combat menstrual pain, it is also a good anafrodisíac, serving to combat premature ejaculation or nocturnal enuresis. At high doses it can cause nausea and vomiting.

Lime flower: plant from all over Europe and Asia Minor, from which flowers and bark are used as an infusion. The flowers and bracts have a sedative and antispasmodic action. In addition, they stimulate perspiration and are a stimulant for the immune system, so it is recommended to use it in influenza, febrile and infectious processes. Externally, it is used to combat eczema and skin irritation. The second bark is a good remedy for digestive problems and for migraines.

Orange tree: plant native to China and northern India, from which all parts are used. Apart from the well-known use of its fruit, the water of its flowers is a good sedative and muscle relaxant, and applied to the skin becomes a cleansing lotion that relieves itching.

Passion flower: plant from the tropical areas of America, from which the branches with flowers are used, with the presence of the first fruits and without the woody part of the stem. It is taken as an infusion, powder, tincture, hydrolates or extracts. It has sedative properties of the nervous system, and therefore it is used for insomnia in cases of overexcitement. It also has analgesic effects, and is used to combat nerve pains that cause headache or migraine. It is also a good regulator of cardiac activity, used to reduce heart rate. It is not toxic but in high doses can reduce the reflexes and cause disorientation.

*Information obtained from the “Encyclopedia of phytotherapy and medicinal plants” by Dr. Josep Lluís Berdonces.