Who we are

Emporarom is a claim of the essence of Empordà, products with taste and character. It is born from the union of different producers of Empordà of aromatic and medicinal plants, with the aim of recovering the knowledge of the plants of our environment that have traditionally been used for healing, culinary or aromatic purposes, while developing products that are attractive in the actual society. The name is born from the union of the words: Empordà + Aromatic, which also recalls the Latin name of Empúries: Emporiae.

Characteristics of the crop: The plants are grown in different fields located in the Empordà, close to the sea and areas of natural and cultural interest. We produce ecological products in small extensions of land with an artisan approach to the whole process of planting, irrigation, harvesting and drying of the plant.

Our philosophy

Artisan product

We choose the ingredients taking great care of the processes and of the product; we make sure to maintain the desired quality levels while keeping a price within everyone’s reach.

Innovative product

Without losing the roots, we work to offer new products that surprise the consumer.

Local product

We support the production of plants for infusions close to the consumer, supporting the development of rural areas.

Ecological product

Plants are elaborated with a respectful use of natural resources and preserving the environment, offering organic farming products.